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Digital Signature

Digital Signature

A DSC is a secure digital key that certifies your identity and contains important information such as your name, email, and public key. Digital Certificates use Public Key Infrastructure, meaning that data can only be decrypted by a corresponding public key that has been authorized by digital signing or encrypted by a private key. It also acts like an electronic credit card that verifies your identity for online transactions.

Today, many documents are being digitized, and digital signatures are used to verify the identity of the sender. Digital signatures are required for online transactions such as Income Tax E-Filing or Company/LLP Incorporation. With our plan, you can easily obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and e-token.

Individual (Signing Only)

Since Class II DSC became outdated (by the end of 2020), Digital Signature Class III has become the preferred option for all online transactions.

Class III DSC is primarily utilized for several online transactions, such as MCA filing (for company incorporation and related tasks), income tax return filing, GST registration and monthly filing, trademark and intellectual property rights work, and director’s KYC verification through DIR3 filing.

To obtain a Class III DSC, the necessary documents are PAN card, Aadhar card or passport, passport size photo, email address, and mobile number.

Individual (Signing + Encryption)

Class III Combo is commonly used for tenders, e-tendering, and procurement in addition to all types of online transactions.

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Individual- Foreign National

In order for foreigners to be appointed as directors in an Indian company, they need a special digital certificate. Since they’re not Indian citizens, they don’t have a PAN or Aadhar card. Instead, they must provide documents from their home country that are verified by their embassy or consulate (if in India) or the Indian Embassy (if in their own country). These documents must also be in English. If the documents are in a language like Japanese or Chinese, they must be translated by a recognized institute and verified as well.

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DGFT DSC (For Import-Export Code)

In case you’re looking to import and export goods— You’ll need a DGFT DSC to get the job done! This nifty little certificate is issued for Director General of Foreign Trade functions. And lucky for you, we can get your Digital Signature Certificate approved and delivered to you the same day. We’ve even worked with over 100 channel partners to make sure everyone gets their DSC fix, whether they’re a CA firm, tax consultant, lawyer, or import-export promoter.

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Importance of D.S.C for fulfilling Statutory Compliance

Entities and individuals requiring audit of their accounts must file their returns using a digital signature. Companies must comply with MCA’s mandate to file all reports, applications, and forms through a digital signature. A digital signature is also required to verify the GST application for a company’s registration. Even for filing applications, amendments, and other forms, a digital signature is a must.

Certifying Authorities for Issuance of a D.S.C.

eMudhra is one of the authorized certifying authorities for issuing Digital Signature Certificate, as authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authority. Other authorities include National Informatics Centre, Safescrypt, Capricorn, Vsign, PantaSign, and Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology.

Benefits of Digital Signature Certificate

Authentication: Digital Signature Certificates help verify the identity of individuals conducting online business.

Time and Cost Savings: Instead of printing, signing, scanning, and emailing documents, DSCs allow for instant digital signing and transmission of files, saving time and money.

Data Integrity: Documents signed with a DSC cannot be altered or tampered with, providing a high level of security. Government agencies often require DSCs to verify business transactions.

Authenticity of Documents: Digitally signed documents give confidence that the signer is genuine, allowing receivers to act on the documents with assurance that they are not forged.

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